When I Started at MVCC

When I started at Mohawk Valley Community College…

…the theatre department was still putting on four shows per school006_truss_placemnt year, including a musical in the fall.

…the Gymnasium Building was still undergoing renovations and additions, as part of the Jorgensen Athletic/Events Center construction project.

…Schafer Theater was simply “the Theater.”

…the college’s avian mascot, “Mo the Hawk,” had yet to be named.

…there was no “Vice President of Rome” executive position in MVCC Student Congress.

…only SIX states had legalised same-sex marriage.download

…”don’t ask, don’t tell” was still a thing.

…it had not been a full decade since the World Trade Center collapsed.

…the world hadn’t ended yet (again).

…Benedict XVI was still the Pope of the Catholic Church.

…the Utica Comets were still the Peoria Rivermen.

…it was just “Gomez & Dave in the Morning” on TK99 and 96.9 WOUR.  Dave Coombs hadn’t left yet, and Lisa Chelenza had yet to become a co-host.hipster-358479_640

…the word hipster, as we define it today, was not part of the common vernacular.

…R.E.M. was still together.

…Justin Bieber was still wearing his hair down.

…a Harry Potter film was still showing in cinemas.

…no Hobbit films had been released.

Breaking Bad, Cash Cab, Chuck, CSI: Miami, House, Man vs Wild, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Weeds and Wizards of Waverly Place were still on the air.house-logo

…Matt Smith was still the Doctor.

…Steve Jobs was still alive.

…George Lucas still owned the rights to Star Wars.

…Facebook had yet to introduce the “Timeline” profile page layout.

…the streaming video service, Twitch.tv, had been around for less than three months.

Nintendo Power was still in publication.npower

…it had hardly been three weeks since Bungie officially left Halo.

…no current-generation home video game consoles had been released (i.e., Wii U, PS4, Xbox One).

…I still believed that musical theatre is my calling.  Ha.

…I was still living in Barneveld.

…I was still driving an Audi A6.

…I could barely grow even a moustache.

…you and I likely hadn’t met yet.


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