Blogging.  It’s that thing you know you can do better than your neighbour.

My decision to start a blog was a risky move.  My folks on Facebook have been awfully supportive of my essay posts there, but not all of them can be bothered to click on a link and leave the comfort of their news feeds to read something that I could have squeezed into a status update.

It’s not that I’m outgrowing the popular social networking platform, but I feel that a blogging website like WordPress is better equipped for some of the content I want to publish.

With blogging, I’m finally able to produce truly unfettered public writing — and on a customisable template to boot.  Years of being confined within the walls of academic writing have made my composition muscles restless.  No longer must I begrudgingly change my spellings to look more “American,” and no longer must I conform to essay structure.

Here, I get to choose what to write about and when to write it, and presentation is entirely within my discretion.  Really, I can write about pretty much anything, although I think I’ll stay away from slander and threats.

The cool thing about writing is that it’s O.K. to take enormous amounts of time figuring out what to say, and you can tweak it until you have it just the way you want it.  You don’t have these luxuries in speech.  Vocal communication doesn’t aid you with a backspace/delete key or a copy-cut-paste mechanic.  And computers don’t have cell phones to pull out and start texting on if you wind up taking a half hour to get a few sentences out.

This blog is, in all likelihood, the closest thing to a journal I’ll ever keep.  I consider it my way of repenting for the great sin of my past: not capitalising on all those opportunities I had to record my life and thoughts whilst growing up.  To my credit, though, I have always, for some reason, found it easier to make words appear on a computer screen than on paper.

A character in a musical once said, “The opposite of war isn’t peace — it’s creation.”  Oh, look.  I’m creating.

I realise that I’m late to the party, but, hey, better late than never, right?




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